Refund policy

    If the order was placed online, you have the right to notify us, by email, that you want to cancel the order, at, without any penalties. You can also cancel, edit or reorder the purchase within 15 minutes after completing the checkout process. In case you want to return the products, without specifying any reasons, it has to be done in term of 1 to 30 days since the order was created.

    If you want to change the product with another one in a different size, you have to contact us at, and tell us the new details of your order. 

    To create a return/exchange request for your product, visit and fill in the information required.

    For us to accept a return or an exchange, the products have to be in perfect shape, ready to be sold as new, in their original packaging, with intact labels and documents (invoice, warranty etc.)

    Once we receive your item we will refund you by your original payment method. Payments can take up to 60 working days to process. Returned items will be refunded excluding the original cost of shipping.

    Shipping costs for returned/exchanged items are always free as long as they are requested through the means provided by INFSD.