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Whether you're looking to catch some waves or simply relax on a sunny day, the FLASH GREEN BOA Bralette has got you covered. Made from top-quality lycra material, this fashionable two-piece bralette flaunts an eye-catching snake print. The high-waisted bottoms come with a Brazilian...
600,00 lei
600,00 lei
Made from premium lycra, the new ICED COFFEE PYTHON Bralette features a unique design inspired by the natural pattern of python skin, perfectly complemented with iced coffee hues, creating a striking and memorable look. Print may vary. The high-waisted bottoms feature a Brazilian back...
600,00 lei
600,00 lei
The Solar Rattlesnake follows one of the most coveted trends of the year – the choker. The radiant yellow snake skin print makes this two-piece a show-stopper on the beach. Features a Brazilian back and one sleeve. 
730,00 lei
0,00 lei
730,00 lei
MARBLE Bralette MARBLE Bralette
MARBLE Bralette
Introducing MARBLE Bralette, the perfect swimwear for soaking up the sun. Crafted from premium lycra, this stylish deux-piece bralette has a striking marble print that's sure to turn heads. The high-waisted bottoms feature a Brazilian back and 80's cuts, which elongate your legs for...
600,00 lei
600,00 lei
Yellow Triangle Set Yellow Triangle Set
Yellow Triangle Set
Complete your summer fits with an essential, colorful and timeless two-piece swimwear. Featuring an adjustable neck and bra-tie, our comfy triangle top fits perfectly, not matter your body type.For the complete look, pair it with our bottoms, that come with adjustable ties and an...
350,00 lei
350,00 lei
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    The story of NOVA INFSD

    by INFSD TEAM 17 Mar 2022

    Seven years ago we were both so skinny we couldn't find a swimsuit to fit our needs and make the body we had at the time, look good. Although it seems hard to believe now, when our figure contributed massively to our success, this is how we felt at that time.

    That state of "I don't look good" that two girls from a small town faced for years in a row, stayed with us, somewhere in our depths. There are still times when insecurity wants to pop-up and we believe that it is absolutely normal, in a world where whatever you do, whatever size or shape you are, you are judged.

    INFSD was born as a response to our need to create costumes that look good on our body. For a long time we thought it was our duty to serve other women who had the same problem as us: super slim silhouettes who needed XS models.

    But it's our duty, as influencers, but especially as women, not to standardize beauty and femininity.


    Alina Ceusan and Carmen Grebenisan wearing INFSD Black Swimwear


    This is something we’ve come to understand more and more deeply lately and we are acting according to this impulse by launching #EVERYbody, a one of a kind one-piece swimsuit that will compliment the silhouette of any woman, in all its uniqueness.

    80% of women say that the embodiment of perfection on social media makes them feel insecure.

    42% of girls want to be thinner since the 3rd grade and start living on the premise that they are not beautiful and valuable.

    The consequences of perfection presented in Social Media can have negative effects on women of all ages.

    Launching a campaign in these times was a decision hard to make. But we worked, created and designed it for you, and in hopes of a better future we are releasing it, all while helping the women in need right now: 10% of all sales will be donated to Asociatia Aluziva.


    infsd girls nova collection


    The new EVERYbody one piece is our dream universal swimsuit that merges all the INFSD  cuts & pattern innovations we've had so far. It shapes your body and enhances the curves from 2XS (Valerie's size) to 3XXL (Bianca's size). We wanted to create this one piece that's versatile and flattering on every body type, because we believe that #EVERYbodyisaBEACHbody.


    It features our trademark brazilian back that hugs your curves and makes them pop, a V-cut sexy back just as our VX, and a wired "Marylin Monroe" hidden bra with integrated push up cups. (You can add more pads for volume or remove ours, as you wish. It does come with two added handmade pads).


    We added two extra long strings starting in the underboob area for extra support and versatility. Cross them on your back for extra lift in the boob area, and then continue the cross on your waist for a "snatched" effect. The styling possibilities are endless that's why we wanted to show you the product styled in 4 ways, and on different body types and sizes.


    infsd girls wearing nova collection


    This one piece comes in high quality, thick black or animal print lycra that hugs your body in all the right places.


    The new EVERYbody one piece is our dream universal swimsuit.
    930 x 520px


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