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High on Leopard is our trademark scuba design, featuring a Brazilian back and now a higher neckline closed up with black zipper and padded shoulders for an elevated body-line. Perfect for water-sports, the scuba becomes the swimwear choice to-go for the sporty girl in...
890,00 lei
890,00 lei
Yellow Bralette Set Yellow Bralette Set
Yellow Bralette Set
Upgrade your summer look with an essential two-piece retro swimwear. This design offers the perfect amount of coverage with the high-waist bikini briefs, featuring cut and high leg, styled with the matching square neck bikini top.
350,00 lei
350,00 lei
The Solar Rattlesnake follows one of the most coveted trends of the year – the choker. The radiant yellow snake skin print makes this two-piece a show-stopper on the beach. Features a Brazilian back and one sleeve. 
730,00 lei
0,00 lei
730,00 lei
Whether you're looking to catch some waves or simply relax on a sunny day, the FLASH GREEN BOA Bralette has got you covered. Made from top-quality lycra material, this fashionable two-piece bralette flaunts an eye-catching snake print. The high-waisted bottoms come with a Brazilian...
600,00 lei
600,00 lei
MARBLE Bralette MARBLE Bralette
MARBLE Bralette
Introducing MARBLE Bralette, the perfect swimwear for soaking up the sun. Crafted from premium lycra, this stylish deux-piece bralette has a striking marble print that's sure to turn heads. The high-waisted bottoms feature a Brazilian back and 80's cuts, which elongate your legs for...
600,00 lei
600,00 lei
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    Our Story

    by Grebenisan Carmen 12 Mar 2021

    INFSD is the first romanian premium swimwear brand that focuses on high quality printed swimwear, featuring fashion forward designs and prints that are specially crafted to flatter your body lines. We know you have to look your best when you are in a swimsuit, so we do work on the new designs with this in mind. All our swimwear feature the brazilian bottom crop, created to enhance your body.

    We are two Romanian fashion bloggers and best friends that share the same vision: Alina Ceusan and Carmen Grebenisan. Our story started back in 2015 when we wanted to develop a swimwear line; as all great ideas spark from the lack of a certain product and a personal wish/demand, we started just like that. At Infused we’re looking for stunningly designed swimsuits that turn heads on the beach, but you can also wear them after the sun sets and the music blasts.

    At INFSD we are constantly being inspired by nature, that’s why you will find that our brand’s DNA says loud and clear: PRINTS. But not every type of prints. Prints inspired by nature: macros and close-up of snake scales, sea shells, water. The trademark slimming animal print scuba is also one of our best-sellers. Palms, waves, animal skin textures, all printed on high-quality salty-water and sun resistant lycra.

    Specially crafted with attention to details: placement of the prints, cuts and shapes, INFSD collections are here to make you say WOW from the very first time you try them on. You will fall in love. We work each & every design with you in mind and we know you want to look as good as it gets on the beach, since it’s probably the most ”naked” you will be around other people. Special cuts lift and sculpt, details enhance and show of the best version of yourself.

    We hope you will find you perfect swimsuit today on our site. Let us take care of the rest. We’re restlessly thinking about the design, the packaging, the overall experience you have as an #InfusedGirl. Make sure to follow us online and keep in touch with our adventures!

    Alina & Carmen.

    930 x 520px


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