What to pack in your beach bag

If you need some inspo for your summer trip check out our list of things to pack in your beach bag. It features all the necessary items from the beach items to  accessories.


Sunglasses are essential for a day at the beach, especially on a very sunny day. Also, look for sunglasses that filter out UVA and UVB light to help protect your eyes.


Beach Hat

Whether it’s a classic hat or a baseball cap, a hat at the beach is a great way to protect your scalp from the sun. A hat will help protect your face and neck from UV rays, remember.



Every trip to the beach requires a good pair of flip-flops. Traveler tip: choose a comfy pair of flip-flops. :)



When heading to the beach, you certainly couldn’t forget your sunscreen! With so many options these days, it can be hard to not pick your favorite. Apply sunscreen every two hours when under the sun, and every hour when swimming or sweating.


Beach Towels

Whether you’re a towel or a blanket person, or even opting for a chair, you’ll need something to sit on when you’re at the beach.This may be one of the most important things to pack in your beach bag. 


Airpods or speakers

Because music is life, right? How about drinking your cocktail while listening to your favorite playlist? Yes, we know.


Your fav INFSD swimwear piece 

Scuba, Bralette or Nova, don't forget your favorite swimsuit on your beach day.🌊